Utah’s Own Brings Confidence to the Table with New Initiative Encouraging Utahns to Eat Locally-Produced Agricultural and Food Products

Utah's Own
Utah's Own
Utah’s Own

Utah’s Own, a state-run program, launched a new initiative – Bringing Confidence to the Table – to encourage Utahns to purchase locally-produced agricultural products and foods to strengthen and support Utah’s farmers, ranchers and producers while enjoying safe fresh food in return.

“We are in challenging times that have presented opportunities for the food industry to take a step back, assess and create innovative ways to continue to provide fresh local food to residents of our state,” said Logan Wilde, commissioner of Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, which operates the Utah’s Own program. “Utah has an incredible network of farmers, ranchers, distributors and small businesses that are safely providing high-quality food options.” 

This new initiative from Utah’s Own shares with the public three ways to become more engaged with local food and agriculture including: 

  • Discovering local food through UtahsOwn.org and purchasing food directly from local producers
  • Learning about the farm-to-table process
  • Trusting in locally-produced food crafted under meticulous food safety standards

“We hope to educate folks on the food and agriculture that’s being produced around them and provide a way for everyone to reap the benefits of living in a place like Utah,” continued Wilde. “While there is a growing concern about food supply chains on a national level, Utah’s food supply chain is dependable and secure. Every part of Utah’s food sector is currently working together and finding ways to continue to raise and deliver safe local food to our tables.”

To discover local products in your area, visit UtahsOwn.org. Follow Utah’s Own on social media and receive daily highlights on local products and details on upcoming farmer’s markets and foodie events.

Stuart is the founder, writer and wrangler at several sites including Gastronomic SLC, Utah Now and, The Utah Review; Stuart is a former restaurant critic of more than five years, working for the Salt Lake Tribune and has worked extensively with other local publications from Utah Stories through to Salt Lake Magazine and Visit Salt Lake.