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Introducing the Taqueria 27 Exclusive Single Barrel Reposado, Hand Selected by Todd and Kristin Gardiner

Taqueria 27 logo
Taqueria 27 logo
Taqueria 27 logo

Taqueria 27 is excited to announce the arrival of their hand-selected, single barrel aged tequila from Casa Noble. Taqueria 27 owners, Todd and Kristin Gardiner attended a tequila tasting in February of this year and hand-selected this specific flavor profile.  It was chosen for the unique flavor notes of vanilla, caramel and freshly cooked agave.

“We are trailblazers in this, as the first local restaurant attempting to do this, and we think it is going to be awesome,” said Todd Gardiner, Chef/owner of Taqueria 27.

Each bottle is prepared by the master distiller at Casa Noble, then 60 cases holding 6 bottles each were shipped to Utah.  

Casa Noble took the contents of barrel #1423 and bottled it, complete with Taqueria 27’s logo a medallion on the bottle..  There will never be another batch like this one due to the uniqueness of the barrel, the time spent aging, and the seasonality of the harvest.

Each bottle is prepared by the master distiller at Casa Noble, then 60 cases holding 6 bottles each were shipped to Utah. Taqueria 27 is the only entity able to purchase this specific tequila and will distribute it throughout their five locations.

“This tequila is produced by the same company, and aged the same way as all their other reposados,” said Gardiner. “To our palate it tasted completely different than the reposados they sell everywhere else, that is one of the reasons we choose it.  It isn’t blended to create their standard flavor profile.”

Taqueria27 will be hosting a tasting dinner with Chef Todd on Monday July 8th at the Foothill location.  Attendees will have the opportunity to taste both standard Casa Noble and the single barrel reposado. Tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance HERE.   

Drink specials and special margaritas using the new reposado will also be available on the menu starting Tuesday June 5th, and include a special margarita that will bring out the cinnamon notes, a sangrita made with spicy tomato juice and prickly pear, and a beer and a shot.

About Taqueria 27

Taqueria 27 (T27)  is locally owned by husband and wife team Chef Todd and Kristin Gardiner. They work alongside a dedicated Staff to ensure that each location is welcoming and provide guests with a high level of interesting food, beverages and service at each of their 5 locations. Each T27 has its own unique charm that comes across in the food, drinks and atmosphere.