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Local Distillery’s Spirits Flying Off Shelves at State Liquor Stores

Dented Brick Distillery distillery (DBD)
Dented Brick Distillery distillery (DBD)

Located in South Salt Lake, Dented Brick Distillery makes grain-to-glass, small-batch vodkas, gins, rums, and whiskey. Over the past year they have expanded nationally and their well brand has been exploding locally, garnering over $250,000 in sales in just the last 90 days.

As Dented Brick’s production and distribution has drastically grown, Utah State Liquor Stores are having a difficult time keeping bottles in stock. One reason is the outstandingly low price-point. For just $11.99 you can get a liter of well vodka, gin, or rum that is the same quality, ingredient and process wise, as higher-end liquors.

DBD starts with local organic grains that they mash, ferment, distill, bottle, and package all in house. A standout luxury that Dented Brick prides itself on is an on-site artesian well. Pulling water from deep below the sediment, they reach an aquifer between layers of limestone that collects naturally refined Wasatch Mountain snowmelt.

Their well line has received silver medals in national and international tasting competitions. They also have a premier line of highly ranked spirits including: Roofraiser Vodka, Antelope Island Rum, Great Basin Bristlecone Gin, and Hugh Moon White Whiskey. Their full line also includes a red-wine barrel-aged Antelope Island Red Rum and a series of tropical flavored rums.

The Distillery is located right off the 33rd south exit at 3100 S. Washington Street, South Salt Lake City. They are open Tuesdays through Saturdays and offer tours to the public for $5 and $5 tastings, which can be scheduled online, or by calling 801-883-9837. All products are available through State Liquor Stores and a list of out-of-state and online distributors can be found at

For more information or to set up a media tour please contact Communications Director, Sara Baldwin at or 801-499-4802

Additional info to be featured in following releases: Ranked Top 5 Craft Vodka Distillery in USA Today’s 10Best. Gold Medal for Pineapple Rum and Silver Medals for rest of line. Tasting Panel Magazine gives a 94/100 score for Great Basin Bristlecone Gin.  Public Launch Party for Bristlecone Gin and DBD 3-year anniversary March 23rd.

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