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Petey Melling

Petey Melling
Petey Melling

A long ass time ago – April 21, 2022

“Shine on you crazy diamond.”

The little rapidly-beating heart of our family, our Petey, left us for much bigger adventures on the windy afternoon of April 21, 2022. He passed as he lived, at home having an excellent rest after enjoying a big plate of treats.

The first years of Petey’s life are a mystery he opted to keep to himself. We know he was called Peanut, and we know he wasn’t in the best of shape when he was taken in at the shelter. He was rescued by Cause for Paws, and we are forever grateful to Mikel for the help she provided in facilitating our adoption, and Sandy and Brenda for the love and care they provided Petey while fostering him. We will never understand how someone could give up a dog like Pete, but thank goodness they did! He was meant for us and us for him.

Throughout his time with us, Petey had some complex health issues. Thankfully, we found University Veterinary for his first check up and the rest is history. We are so grateful to University Vet staff, in particular Dr. Bybee, Dr. Garcia and the numerous Vet Techs that have cared for our boy over the years. Our number one veterinary heroes will forever be Dr. Heather and Kimi, who initially treated him with so much love and care while simultaneously comforting two very anxious new pet pawrents. You set our little family up for success, nine years worth, who would have ever thought? We love and thank you.

Petey’s end-of-life care was provided by Dr. Cassi with Lap of Love. We are so thankful he could pass at home surrounded by so much gentle loving kindness.

When he joined our family, it quickly became clear that Petey was a dedicated foodie, and for the past nine years, he worked tirelessly as an Ever Present Little Sous Chef alongside his best friend and number one person, his dad. Together, they meticulously planned and executed thousands of very excellent meals and snacks. Mom, who can’t cook a thing, watched in awe and ate. It was a win/win.

Petey loved nothing more than a good family party. He would park himself in the center of the action and soak up all the love, treats, and attention. He adored his Aunt Holli (his girl), and his Gramps and Granny. They were his trusted caregivers any time his pawrents had to leave him. To them we are grateful for the priceless peace of mind found in knowing our boy was being well-loved in our absence.

Petey, a truly complex creature, was everything a good dog is meant to be, a loyal companion and best friend, a source of so much laughter and joy, and at times, the cuddliest of little fur balls. He was also a very elegant and poised gentleman. He could judge you within seconds and suffered no fools or foolishness. If Petey really liked you, you can rest assured you are a quality human.

Petey was met at The Rainbow Bridge by his grandmas, Linda and Maureen, both of whom can roast a very decent chickum; his beloved great-grandpa Wally; and dozens of wonderful Instagram friends who have passed before him and are no doubt showing him the ropes.