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Dented Brick release Glitter Disco-Nut

Dented Brick release Glitter Disco-Nut

There has been an exciting development in the specialty spirits landscape: The only glittered spirit to be registered as a trademark. Quite possibly the only glittered spirit to exist at all!

Proudly presenting: Dented Brick® Distillery’s Glitter Disco-Nut®. 

A specialty spirit consisting of rum, natural coconut flavor, and you guessed it, glitter. A party in a glass! 

Dented Brick® Distillery deserves this shining distinction after working hard over the last three years to not only perfect the formula, but the name, label and reputation as well. 

With the acquisition of a registered trademark for this spirited spirit, Dented Brick® Distillery further solidifies its dedication to producing high-quality, boundary-pushing, smooth and tasty spirits. This particularly unique spirit, along with many of their other spirits, puts Dented Brick on the map for craft distilleries to watch out for.

The registered trademark for Glitter Disco-Nut® ensures Dented Brick® Distillery’s exclusive rights to the name, protecting it from unauthorized use by competitors. This recognition adds an extra layer of security to the brand and guarantees bragging rights for the distillery. 

Glitter Disco-Nut® can be purchased at the distillery store in Salt Lake City, Utah, state liquor stores in Utah, or online for select states. Stay sparkly!