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Gnarly Nutrition Teams Up with Ultrarunner Dylan Bowman for Fuel2O Orange Drank Launch

Gnarly Nutrition Teams Up with Ultrarunner Dylan Bowman for Fuel2O Orange Drank Launch

 Gnarly Nutrition, creators of high-quality sports nutrition supplements and protein powders for all levels of performance, introduces a new, refreshingly tangy Orange Drank flavor of their popular Gnarly Fuel2O. Intentionally crafted for high-level endurance activities, the vegan-friendly drink mix was created with fueling, replenishment, and recovery in mind.       

“Just like our complete lines of sports nutrition products, our new, delicious flavor of our Gnarly Fuel2O provides athletes of all abilities with the high-quality sustenance required for their peak performance,” said Gnarly Nutrition Head of Marketing John Perry. 

“There’s a huge amount of variation in the amount of sodium that athletes lose in sweat, and our new Fuel2O Orange Drank addresses this directly with 500mg sodium/12oz serving. Gnarly Orange Drank provides easy to digest carbs, HMB to kickstart recovery, and now a higher amount of sodium for saltier sweaters,” said Chief Science Nerd and Researcher Shannon O’Grady.

A standout of Gnarly’s line of Performance products, Gnarly Fuel2O is any athlete’s fuel for replenishment and recovery. The product includes double the sodium (500mg per serving) for heavy sweaters or long endurance activities, ideal for athletes like Bowman. The new Orange Drank flavor includes 25g of carbs or 100 calories per 12oz of tangy citrus Salted Orange carbs and electrolytes, including HMB, a byproduct of leucine, which helps reduce muscle breakdown during activity and optimizes recovery.

“I’ve been using Gnarly products for over two years, and I’m stoked to help build awareness of their growing line of top-tier endurance products,” said elite ultrarunner and Freetrail Founder Dylan Bowman. “Performance begins with high-quality nutrition, and it’s awesome for athletes to be able to rely on clean ingredients that actually taste good to effectively fuel their bodies for whatever physical challenges they pursue.”  

Bowman’s collegiate lacrosse experience evolved into a passion for endurance running. He finished 3rd place in his first-ever marathon after just two weeks of training, which kickstarted his career as a professional runner. His growing list of accomplishments includes 1st place at The North Face 100k in Australia, 2nd place at the Hardrock 100 in Colorado, 3rd place at the Western States 100 in California, two-time winner at Ultra Trail Mount Fuji in Japan, 2nd place at UTMB TDS in France, and two 1st place finishes at the Tarawera Ultramarathon in New Zealand. Bowman is also the founder of Freetrail, a community dedicated to the life-changing sport of trail running. Efforts to share and support the trail running lifestyle include podcasts, film production, and resources including training plans, coaching, and opportunities to connect with trail runners worldwide.

The limited-edition Orange Drank flavor of Gnarly Fuel2O Performance Nutrition is currently available in bags (25 servings) for $34.95 with a subscription option to save 10% on Other flavors include Limeade, Tropical and Cherry Cola and are available in both bags and stick packs.