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RI Artist Kathy Hodge to serve as Capital Reef National Park’s Artist in Residence

RI Artist Kathy Hodge to serve as Capital Reef National Park's Artist in Residence

Hodge has previously served as AIR in several National Parks on the Colorado Plateau, including Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Petrified Forest, in addition to other National Parks and Forests, for total of 15 Artist Residencies. Artwork, writing and photographs from those residencies can be seen at

Born in Providence, Kathy Hodge attended Rhode Island School of Design and has a BFA from Swain School of Design in New Bedford. She has exhibited and received awards in many solo and group shows and was granted the Fellowship in Painting from the RI State Council on the Arts in 2017. She continues to take inspiration from the natural world, working from her studio in East Providence.

About the Capitol Reef National Park Artist in Residence Program

The Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program at Capitol Reef National Park offers professional artists the opportunity to pursue their artistic discipline while being surrounded by the Park’s inspiring landscape. “This residency program is an exciting progression of our relationship with the artist community, and will give visitors the chance to know Capitol Reef in a new and different way, through the eyes of an artist,” said former Capitol Reef National Park Superintendent Leah McGinnis who helped form the program in 2017.

This Artist-in-Residence program is supported by Capitol Reef National Park, in partnership with the Capitol Reef Natural History Association and The Entrada Institute.  Artists explore and surround themselves in the sights, sounds, textures, and wonders of Capitol Reef to find inspiration for their work. Each artist conducts public presentations on their work and residency experience. An original piece representative of the Residency will be donated to Capitol Reef National Park.

Art and Landscape Preservation
Artists have long painted, photographed, and written about the scenic beauty and natural wonders of the American West. Through their images, these early artists helped promote the idea of landscape preservation and tourism, while also playing an influential role in the establishment of our nation’s first national parks.

Capitol Reef National Park’s Artist-in-Residence Program continues the tradition of these early artists. Inspired by the natural and cultural features that make these preserved landscapes unique, artists use traditional and modern artistic techniques to express their interpretation of the park. Their work provides enjoyment and inspiration to park visitors and contributes to the ongoing conversation about the value of wild places and nature.

More information on the AIR program can be found at