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Come pet wild animals at the NHMU

Come pet wild animals at the NHMU

On June 10, things are about to get WILD at the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU). The Museum’s latest special exhibition, Wild World: Stories of Conservation & Hope, brings visitors up close and personal with 12 spectacular species, including their stories of struggle and survival. At a time when access to animals around the world is at your fingertips in 2D, Wild World offers the chance to see, smell, and touch often elusive and endangered animals – in 3D.

“We are thrilled to welcome you to Wild World,” said NHMU Executive Director Dr. Jason Cryan. “As you pet the fan-favorite ferrets or come face to face with Helga the 16-foot Burmese Python, there’s no doubt you’ll be captivated by these animals. But these species come with storytellers, who share not only why each animal is so special, but share how conservation is built on hope – and why it works.”

Wild World comes to NHMU with three wildlife educators, who will lead three captivating on-stage presentations each day. These group interactions are in addition to occasional spontaneous gallery meet-and-greets with a ferret, New Caledonia Crested Gecko, or Mexican red knee tarantula – up close or from across the room (guests’ choice). Lead wildlife educator Alex Leclerc is confident that Wild World will educate visitors about the uniqueness of each animal, and bring more people into the conservation conversation.

“This exhibit brings wildlife right up to you, and I’ve seen it inspire people to participate in preservation and conservation efforts,” said Alex, “We are all vaguely aware that wildlife is at risk, but the stakes feel higher when you interact with the animals behind the headlines. You can’t take your eyes off of them, and they stay with you.”

Wild World includes:

  • Real-life success stories from a wide range of conservation organizations
  • Live animals from key international conservation programs
  • More than 15 wildly interactive science-based experiences for guests of all ages
  • Multiplayer gamified challenges that make learning about wildlife fun and engaging

In addition to these exciting exhibit features, visitors can also expect to learn about conservation efforts right here in Utah. For example, did you know that over 4,000 bighorn sheep are being monitored for their health and safety thanks to conservation efforts? This species is once again thriving in Utah after decades of disease-based decline.

Wild World is made possible with the generous support of Presenting Sponsor, My Good Fund. Additional support for the exhibition comes from nearly a dozen private contributors as well as the Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks (ZAP) program.

Don’t miss your chance to visit Wild World at NHMU, an adventure that awaits you from June 10 to November 5, 2023.  Wild World is free with the cost of admission to the Museum, and always free to members. For tickets and more information about Wild World, please visit: