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New Exhibitions at Granary Arts

Bernard C. Meyers, Boston 8479a, 2023

Granary Arts is pleased to present new exhibitions: 

Isla de Lechuga / Rachel Stallings Thomander

Isla de Lechuga is based on a fictional island created in the imagination of Colombian American artist, Rachel Stallings Thomander. For the last three and a half years, coinciding with the birth of her first son, she has been in communication with the island which she envisions is located off the coast of Colombia. Initially, the island was a way to talk about being bi-racial – a place where people speak both Spanish and English, and experience two cultures at once. Intentionally not utopian, the island acts as a prompt to engage the imagination and explore possibilities.

The environment on Isla de Lechuga cultivates a rich exchange between childhood and adulthood, serving as a catalyst for creative exploration – where things can happen in a fantastical realm. Thomander channels information about the island inhabitants – their traditions, use of symbols, fables, and rituals. The sensory elements in the artwork are opportunities for audience engagement, and emphasize the tactile, sonic, or visual capacities of the mediums. For Thomander, objects are swept into a cycle of rhythmic improvisation where color or texture merges with her vision to mutually compose – leaving impressions on the body. Her gesture to the utilitarian manifests a sensory practice, reorienting our relationship to familiar and familial objects. Ultimately, her contact with Isla de Lechuga allows her to act as a channel, to participate in worldbuilding, and to express her inner world as a parent.


Rachel Stallings Thomander is a Colombian American multidisciplinary artist. In 2013, she received a BFA in Studio Art from Brigham Young University. In 2018, she received an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley, and was awarded the Graduate Opportunity Program Fellowship. From 2017-2018, she and her husband co-founded and co-directed Lago Projects, a community-building art exhibition space in Oakland, California. In 2019, she was an Artist in Residence at Facebook and completed a permanent installation at their San Francisco office. In summer 2021, She attended the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency by Collar Works. She is a co-founder and contributing member of Scary Sugar Collective, who has curated and self-published two books highlighting the work of twelve emerging artists, writers and designers. Scary Sugar Collective held a booth at the San Francisco Art Book Fair at Minnesota Street Project in 2022. Her curatorial work and artwork have been featured on KQED Arts, It’s Nice That, i-D, Salt Lake City Weekly, and Artsy. She has exhibited work at Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts, Tropical Contemporary, CTRL+SHFT, Nous Tous Gallery, Guerrero Gallery, SOIL, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Richmond Art Center, and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. She lives and works in Santa Cruz, California with her husband and two sons.

Constructions / Bernard C. Meyers

Bernard C. Meyers’ imagery explores the intersections of photographic realism and abstract expressionism. These divergent worlds intertwine through the reorganization of space, the interactions of color, and a convergence of reality and imagination. The dismembered urban landscapes, in which humans often inhabit a zombie-like state, reads like a glitch or the chatter of broken signal—a fuzzy patchiness of information beaming back and forth between earth and orbiting satellites. 

Driven by form and design, modern technology and software allow Meyers to deconstruct a single image into a myriad of possibilities in which the constructed, built environment becomes a symphonic visual experience. Meyers walks the pallet knife’s edge between traditions of photography and painting. Throughout his career as an artist, his guiding premise—from Minor White—has always been, “Photograph something not for what it is, but for what it can become.”


Bernard C. Meyers (b.1955) is an American abstract contemporary artist. He received an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in traditional printmaking and his work explores the intersections of photographic realism and abstract expressionism. His work has been featured in gallery, museum, and institutional solo exhibitions in addition to numerous group shows throughout his career. His artwork is held in museum, library, and private collections nationwide. Meyers is a featured artist in the portfolio “DE | MARCATION Contemporary Photography in Utah” published by Granary Arts in 2019. He was recently an artist in residence at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and is represented by Alan Klotz Gallery in New York.