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Call for Entries: 2023 Finch Lane Flash Projects

Salt Lake City Arts Council

Today, the Salt Lake Arts Council announced an open call for entries for the 2023 Finch Lane Flash Projects. This is the fourth year that the Salt Lake City Arts Council is opening its gallery spaces for short-term, interdisciplinary, community-oriented, and/or experimental projects. The goal of Finch Lane Flash Projects is to supplement resources for emerging to established individuals and groups by providing professional opportunities for those working in various arts and cultural practices.

As a non-commercial space, Finch Lane Gallery is able to support a range of projects, artworks, and events to re-imagine the use of the Finch Lane Gallery spaces and to further community engagement in the arts by providing space, visibility, and an audience to share new works with. Please note that this is not meant to act as a venue rental for events that are already occurring. Individuals and groups are invited to use the galleries with their various “flash” projects, which may vary in length from several minutes to several days during the allotted times. Applicants must complete the online application by Monday, March 20, at 5:00pm to be considered for these opportunities.

This Call for Entries is open to Utah-based individuals, groups, and organizations regard- less of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political affiliation, or mental or physical disability. To be considered, applicants must demonstrate the ability to execute a project of the proposed scope and scale within the timeline.

Proposals must be submitted through There is no fee to apply. To be considered for a Flash Project, applicants must be residents of Utah and submit all the required materials. Emailed, mailed, or hand-delivered materials will not be accepted. Only completed applications will be considered. The Arts Council will not notify artists regarding disqualifications where guidelines are not followed. To learn more about the Finch Lane Flash Projects, click here.

The mission of the Arts Council is to promote, present, and support artists, arts organizations, and arts activities in order to further the development of the arts community and to benefit the public by expanding awareness, access, and participation.