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Utah revealed as Super Bowl Baby Capital

Super Bowl Baby Boom: Utah revealed as Super Bowl Baby Capital

The end of Super Bowl season is upon us, and with it, the inevitable clash of this year’s top teams. It goes without saying that passion is going to be running high for both sides’ supporters, and, inevitably, that passion may very well spill over into the bedroom.

If you’re a November baby, then there’s a good chance your parents may very well have gotten swept up in victory or defeat after Super Bowl Sunday. So, to find out just how common these intimate celebrations might be, we analyzed the number of babies born in each state 9 months after the 2021 Super Bowl ended.

Which state sees the biggest Super Bowl baby boom?

According to our data, it would seem that Super Bowl fans in Utah conceive the most babies at the end of Super Bowl season. With an incredible 1.101 babies born per 1,000 people, Utah is strides ahead of most other states.

Of course, February is also home to Valentine’s Day, so there is a good chance that the most romantic day of the year may be responsible for this baby boom, though this is no reason to discount the Super Bowl’s impact.

As for other top states that see an uptick in births after the Super Bowl’s end, Texas came in second with 1.083 births, followed closely by Louisiana, which saw 1.057 new babies. And rounding out the top 5 were North and South Dakota, which had 1.057 and 1.042 births per thousand, respectively.

Interestingly, and perhaps to the surprise of many, Florida only came in 35th in our overall rankings, with 0.845 births, despite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ hard-fought victory! Alongside this, the 2021 hosts of the Super Bowl, California sit in the middle of the list, with 0.904 new babies per 1,000 people.

And, apparently, the Super Bowl is unrelated to the bedroom in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, which only saw 0.748, 0.717, and a shocking 0.586 births 9 months after the Super Bowl’s finale.

RankStateNovember Birth Rate per 1,000 peopleMost Common Birth Month
4North Dakota1.057March 
5South Dakota1.042September
8Kansas 0.982July

Other notable birth trends in the US

While the Super Bowl is a highlight for many people every year, it’s naturally not the only big event taking place in the US calendar. Even though November babies are popular, there are still more August and September births overall.

This certainly indicates that Thanksgiving and Christmas are far more popular occasions for parents to catch some time alone with each other, though July also sees a large number of births, suggesting Halloween is another time of year the bedroom gets busy.

What’s more, spring break proved to be a wonderful opportunity for a romantic getaway with the average December birth rate (9 months after Spring Break) being one of the highest across the states. Notably, Florida, the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’, despite being a popular spring break hotspot only ranks 34th among the states with the highest December birth rates (0.881 per 1,000 people)! 

Yet throughout all of our data, Utah consistently ranked near or at the top of state birth rates, which gives an insight into exactly what people in this state are getting up to all year round.

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