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The most popular languages to learn in Utah, according to new study

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Experts at Writing Tips analyzed the number of average monthly Google searches in each state for learning a language, including terms such as ‘how to learn X’, ‘learn X’, ‘X classes near me’. The search volume for each term combined with the language were added together to discover the total average monthly searches in each state. 

Citizens of Utah want to learn these languages the most: 

1st Place – Spanish: The language is spoken by approximately 534 million speakers, as well as it being the official language of 21 countries. Almost 13% of the U.S population speak Spanish too – in fact, it is the second most spoken language in the country. Not to mention, it has the highest number of speakers in the family of romance languages. 

2nd Place – Korean: Ranked as the 13th most commonly spoken language in the world, Korean has around 77 million speakers. With the Korean pop music gaining millions of U.S fans in recent years, including musicians like famous boy band BTS, it’s no surprise that Americans are keen to learn the language.    

3rd Place – Japanese: With approximately 128 million speakers, Japanese is the ninth most spoken language across the globe. As well as this, it is one of the most fast-paced languages – however, it has the lowest amount of information density per second.   

On a national level, Spanish takes the crown for the most popular language to learn across the U.S with a staggering total of 476,900 average monthly searches, as well as taking the top spot in each and every state. In second place is Korean with 44,090 Google searches, followed closely by Japanese in the third spot with a total monthly search volume of 40,260.  

A spokesperson from Writing Tips has commented on the findings: “Learning a new language has an abundance of benefits, from advancing your career to enhancing the connection to other countries and cultures – so it’s fascinating to see such different languages make the top of the rankings. Plus, it can even improve communication and vocabulary in your first language. With the sheer amount of searches for learning Spanish across the nation, it will be interesting to see how this impacts the number of speakers in the U.S.” 

This research was conducted by who create guides to give you the correct approach to writing for nearly every aspect of life, from finding a job to general learning.