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Taqueria 27 Sold After 10 Years of Serving a Fresh Spin on Tacos to the Community

Taqueria 27 logo

After ten years of ownership, Kristin and Todd Gardiner have announced that they have sold their company, Taqueria 27. Taqueria 27 is a beloved staple in the community, serving up delicious, fresh tacos and world-class tequila to everyone who walks through their doors.

“We’re so excited to announce a new chapter in our lives,” said Taqueria 27 founders Kristin and Todd Gardiner. “As recent empty nesters, we’ve decided to put our beloved Taqueria 27 into some new hands that will be able to carry it on and are dedicated to the team, the quality, and the experience that we’ve put so much time and effort into over the past ten years.”

The Gardiners say they are confident that the new owners will be able to carry on the legacy that they established at the restaurant. The new owners are experienced restaurateurs, and they plan on carrying on the traditions and quality that Taqueria 27 was built upon. The entire leadership team of Taqueria 27 will be staying on, so customers can expect the same recipes and experience that they’ve come to love.

“We hope that you will give them your continued support,” the Gardiners continued. “And thank you to all of our loyal customers for a great ten years.”