Saturday, November 26, 2022

New World Distillery Brings Local Spirits to the Fourth Annual Craft Lake City Holiday Market Presented By Google Fiber

 The Fourth Annual Craft Lake City Holiday Market Presented By Google Fiber is just around the corner and Craft Lake City is gearing up for our best year yet! With over 125 Utah-based exhibitors and a gorgeous new setting at the historic Ogden Union Station, we’re ready to celebrate all things Utah, including local distillers. Craft Lake City is thrilled to be partnering with New World Distillery again this year to bring delicious, artisanal, local spirits to Holiday Market attendees while they shop. “This year we’ll be serving up a delicious and seasonal Spiced Cranberry Paloma that features our Rabbit and Grass Blanco Agave Spirit for the Craft Lake City patrons,” says Mike Parkinson of New World Distillery. New World Distillery will be offering this signature cocktail for purchase both Friday and Saturday at the Holiday Market bar available to attendees 21 years of age or older. 

About The Cocktail: 

New World Distillery’s Spiced Cranberry Paloma Cocktail is bright red in color and shaken up with cranberry juice, lime juice, grapefruit juice and their very own Rabbit and Grass Blanco Agave Spirits (Tequila). Stir in a dash of spiced simple syrup and splash of sparkling water for the perfect Christmas cocktail!

About The Featured Spirit:

New World Distillery’s Rabbit and Grass Agave Spirit is distilled from 100% organic blue agave imported from Jalisco, Mexico. But, that is where the similarities to other blanco tequilas end. Fermented using champagne yeast under tightly controlled conditions and distilled to capture the fruit forward flavor of agave; their Rabbit and Grass Blanco is bottled at 89 proof to ensure retention of maximum flavor. This is the best and boldest blanco you’ve ever sipped!

The Annual Craft Lake City Holiday Market Presented by Google Fiber is the perfect place to shop small this holiday season from over 125 Utah-based artisans, vintage vendors, and foodies all under one roof. Join us Saturday, December 2 and Friday, December 3 at Ogden Union Station for the Fourth Annual Craft Lake City Holiday Market Presented By Google Fiber!

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