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Nostalgic Training Table Restaurants are Returning with a Modern Twist

Nostalgic Training Table Restaurants are Returning with a Modern Twist

Following months of anticipation, The Training Table announced today they are bringing their beloved food and nostalgic restaurants back to Utah—and with some new twists. The Training Table is releasing two of their signature sauces, The Ultimate Dipping Sauce and The Ultimate Hickory Sauce, which are a must-have accompaniment to their world-famous cheese fries and burgers. Both signature sauces will be available for purchase by the bottle on their website. 

In addition, The Training Table announced it will soon be hitting the road, with the debut of food trucks, bringing the restaurant’s world-famous cheese fries and other menu items to public, private, and community events across Utah. 

Training Table Chairman Stephanie Chard is excited about what’s ahead. “Our restaurant was a Utah institution and phenomenal success for nearly 40 years when we closed our doors,” Chard explained. “We always hoped that wouldn’t be the last time Utahns would see The Training Table and are proud to be “A Utah Original.” We’re excited to move forward, starting with bringing back a part of the legacy that people loved, and missed most —our dipping sauce and cheese fries.” 

In July 2022, The Training Table’s website and Instagram page teased “something tasty” coming soon, and thousands of fans and followers from Utah began speculating as to what it meant. Utahns remember The Training Table as a unique, local favorite, where diners placed their orders from phones at their tables. The company plans to continue having phones be a featured part of the customer experience, both at the food trucks and the full scale restaurant locations. Thousands of Utahns have reached out on social media and shared their memories and photos from The Training Table over the years. 

“We first opened our doors in Midvale 45 years ago, on October 7, 1977 – so we thought today being our anniversary, would make for an ideal time to announce our intentions to serve the community once more and bring people together again to enjoy great food and make new memories at The Training Table,” explained Kent Chard, Founder of the Training Table.   

The locations of full scale restaurants will be announced in the coming months. In the meantime, The Training Table is encouraging fans and followers to stay tuned and stay hungry. They are hoping past and future customers will enjoy getting a taste of The Training Table by bringing the proprietary dipping sauce home to their own kitchens and watching for Training Table food trucks to pop up around town. 

Photos to accompany this story are available upon request. For more information visit or follow @thetrainingtable on Instagram and Facebook.