Saturday, November 26, 2022

Utah Jazz crowned NBA team with the 3rd best home-court advantage

Betsperts have put home advantage to the test, with a new study revealing which US sports team teams perform best at home as opposed to on their travels – and the Utah Jazz have the 3rd best home advantage in the NBA. 

You can view the full research here:

The top 10 NBA teams with the best home advantage 

RankTeam NameAverage Home Win PercentageAverage Away Win PercentagePercentage Difference
1Philadelphia 76ers75.29%51.09%24.20%
2Atlanta Hawks51.39%30.09%21.31%
3Utah Jazz72.32%52.77%19.54%
4Denver Nuggets70.87%52.60%18.27%
5San Antonio Spurs58.47%41.00%17.47%
6Washington Wizards51.64%34.80%16.84%
7Detroit Pistons45.11%28.37%16.74%
8Minnesota Timberwolves51.73%35.85%15.89%
9Portland Trail Blazers60.34%44.96%15.38%
10Miami Heat63.88%48.91%14.97%
  • With an average win percentage at home of 72.32%– as opposed to 52.77%on the road – Utah Jazzhave won 19.54% more games at home over the last five years.

The research has revealed:

🔝 The top 10 won X% more games at home than on the road on average – ranging from the X (X%) to the X (X%).

🏡 NBA teams were the most formidable at home on average with a 56.14% win rate, followed by NFL (53.78%), MLB (53.53%), and NHL (53.09%).

🏈 The New Orleans Saints were one of the few teams who won more games away from home than they did at home. The Saints won 70% of games at home, compared to the 73.33% of games they won on the road. 

🏆 The Clemson Tigers were the most dominant side in college football on home soil, winning 100% of their home games. It was the Army Black Knights who boasted the best home advantage though, as they were victorious in 52% more games in front of their home fans

You can view the full research again by clicking here.

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