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Arts, Parks & the Utah Skies – New Salt Lake County Art Installation Combines Art & Astronomy at Three County Parks & Recreation Facilities

Arts, Parks & the Utah Skies

This morning, Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson, County Councilmember Richard Snelgrove, and Taylorsville Mayor Kristie Overson introduced an exciting new art installation titled Arts, Parks & the Utah Skies. The event took place at the Taylorsville Rec Center, which is home to one of the art pieces.  

Salt Lake County Arts & Culture, Clark Planetarium, and Parks & Recreation collaborated on the project that includes three outdoor art pieces at three Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation facilities that explore themes of astronomy and science.  

The goal of these installations is to connect Salt Lake County park visitors with the wonders of space through art. We hope the Arts, Parks & the Utah Skies art pieces will spark visitors’ imaginations and encourage them to explore the environment, especially the beautiful Utah skies. 

For those that want to learn more about our skies, stars, and planets, Clark Planetarium offers exhibits, films, and other educational experiences for anyone who wants to discover and learn about space and science.  

Three local artists were chosen through a competitive process, to design, fabricate, and install their pieces in three County parks: Pleasant Green Park in Magna, Taylorsville Recreation Center, and the Yellow Fork Trailhead in Herriman.  


 Arts, Parks & the Utah Skies Art Pieces 

Karl Hale, Night Life, 2022 

Location: Pleasant Green Park, 3252 South 8400 West, Magna, UT  

Laser-cut Corten steel and wood 
The five different star shapes transform into each other through positive and negative space above the Magna mountains. The moon’s position and presentation are how it appears at the spring equinox. 
Artist’s website: 

Lenka Konopasek, Sun and Moon, 2022 

Location: Taylorsville Recreation Center, 4948 South 2700 West, Taylorsville 

Sculptural sundial reminiscent of sun and moon shapes. Sundials fascinate Lenka because they represent the natural human curiosity of our time on Earth.    
Artist’s website:  
Tooza Design, Transcendent Utah Sky, 2022  
Location: Yellow Fork Trailhead, Herriman  

Laser-cut steel panels and colored plexiglass 

This is a monument to the night sky as seen from the longitude and latitude in Salt Lake County on June 30th at midnight. At this date and time, Cygnus is visible in the east, Libra is visible in the south, Leo is visible in the west, and the Big Dipper and Polaris are visible in the north.  

Artist’s website: