Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Kimball Art Center Fall Exhibitions: Eat Me, Drink Me and Wonderland Introduce Viewers to Explore Fantasy-Filled Creations

Kimball Art Center’s fall exhibitions, opening August 26, merge the unexpected with the familiar through the use of installation art and sculpture. Installation artist Jennifer Angus presents Eat Me, Drink Me, while renowned international artists David Altmejd, Uta Bekaia, Yasue Maetake, and Catalina Ouyang showcase work that foregrounds hybridized, fragmented or mutated forms that take viewers into fantasy otherworldly realms. 

  • Eat Me, Drink Me is a large-scale installation by Jennifer Angus that will inspire a sense of wonder. Using insects and other wildlife in unexpected and playful ways, Angus invites viewers to return to a state of childlike curiosity and discovery while posing pressing questions about our relationship with the natural world. 
  • Wonderland brings together the work of renowned international artists David Altmejd, Uta Bekaia, Yasue Maetake, and Catalina Ouyang. Their sculptures invite viewers to explore themselves and the surrounding world through fantasy-filled creations of hybridized and fragmented forms.

“When viewers enter one of my installations, they are greeted with something they think they know: that is, a patterned wallpaper which could be in anyone’s home,” explains Jennifer Angus. “However upon closer examination, one discovers that it is entirely made up of insects.”

“Together, these five artists reference a state of transformation, of becoming, or of non-resolution with a deep intention in the material and process used,” shares Kimball Art Center Curator Nancy Stoaks. Visitors will feel the tension between the familiar and the strange, between seduction and repulsion, and between dream-like states.

Programs including art talks, lectures, book discussions, and more will accompany the exhibitions in the coming weeks.

Kimball Art Center exhibitions are supported by Utah Division of Arts & Museums, National Endowment for the Arts, Summit County RAP Tax, Summit County Restaurant Tax, Utah Office of Tourism, Tomilee Tilley Foundation and George S. and the Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation.

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