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WholesomeCo Hosts Public Events for 2nd Anniversary, Aug. 12

WholesomeCo Hosts Public Events for 2nd Anniversary, Aug. 12

Utah’s best-rated medical cannabis operator, WholesomeCo invites the public to celebrate its second anniversary on Friday, August 12 with a full program of events at its West Bountiful headquarters followed by a Salt Lake City Weekly reggae concert the company is sponsoring at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City featuring artists Yaadcore and Natural Roots. Qualified Medical Providers from Empathetix and Utah Canna will be on hand to conduct cannabis consultations for those with qualifying conditions for just $50, a savings of $170. Utah Canna and Empathetix will also be offering prospective patients the opportunity to save on their cannabis consultations at a later date. 

There will be an array of medical cannabis vendors, as well as other local businesses, music, and food trucks at WholesomeCo’s store during the day. 

“We are looking forward to welcoming the public to our headquarters and continuing our mission to increase both the acceptance and accessibility of medical cannabis,” says WholesomeCo CEO Chris Jeffery. “The tremendous growth in the number of Utah medical cannabis holders is impressive, and can partially be attributed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ decision in 2020 to permit the use of medical cannabis for medical treatment. By having qualified medical providers at our celebration to offer significantly discounted cannabis consultations, we hope to bring more patients into the fold who may have been deterred by the cost or even lack of acceptance. Ultimately, we want to use our second anniversary to educate the public about medical cannabis and how it can be used to successfully treat a wide variety of conditions.”

Since Utah launched its medical cannabis program in 2019, the number of cardholders has reached 50,000-plus. As patient interest in medical cannabis has surged, WholesomeCo has grown its operations and product offerings to meet the demand. 

Since WholesomeCo was founded in 2020:

  • WholesomeCo employees have increased from under 10 to over 150 people
  • The expert medical cannabis pharmacist team has doubled in size
  • The free delivery program that launched in 2021 reaches 99% of Utah’s population; delivery orders have increased by 340% 
  • 386% increase in products offered on their menu since 2020 
  • 18 strains of WholesomeCo flower launched and sold into over ⅔ of Utah medical cannabis pharmacies
  • Launched Utah’s first custom ecommerce app to help patients more easily shop for products
  • Launched Utah’s first fully custom cannabis eCommerce experience
  • Provided support to non-profit organizations, including Image Reborn Foundation, Mission Green, Safe Harbor, Utah Food Bank and others
  • Launched the state’s only comprehensive, statewide QMP program to partner with health practitioners to educate the public on medical cannabis, and ensure streamlined access for patients