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New Nostalgia-Driven Harmon Bros Ad

Harmon Bros

 Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency behind the greatest viral ad in internet history, has earned national headlines and over 1.5 billion views for its social blockbuster ads such as Squatty Potty, Lumē, Chatbooks, Purple, among other hits. Today, the renowned social ad makers are announcing a new campaign called “Lewis & Clark Company” for Sana Benefitsa company changing health insurance for small businesses with affordable and easy to navigate health coverage for both employers and employees. 

“Healthcare has been a hot topic from boardrooms to political campaigns for decades, but Sana isn’t waiting for others to solve the problem. Forty percent of their customers are small businesses who couldn’t previously provide healthcare to their employees because of the high costs.” said Shane Rickard, Chief Creative Officer at Harmon Brothers. 

“The goal of our partnership is to raise massive awareness of a better way to provide employee benefits—by using technology to reduce costs and even providing direct primary care to their members in select locations. Sana is exactly the kind of company the American healthcare system needs, and we fully expect that in a short time, Sana Benefits will become a universally recognized brand for the way they’re changing a typically bloated and inefficient industry. And we’re excited to help them reach that goal.” 

Watch the YouTube video here:

Harmon Brothers’ “Lewis & Clark Company” ad campaign is a humorous imagining of what health coverage would have looked like for explorers Lewis and Clark and their team as they traveled through the wilderness of early America–including yoga classes for mountain men and counseling to help them find their inner mountain child. 


AGENCY: Harmon Brothers

CLIENT: Sana Benefits


Chief Creative Officer – Shane Rickard

Creative Director – James Dayton

Co Creative Directors – Shawn Zumbrunnen, Christian Busath

Director – James Dayton

Dir. of Photography – Byron Kirkland

1st AC – Landon Hill 

Producer – Travis Babcock

2nd AC – Ethan Wilson 

Gaffer – John Raymer 

Best Boy Electrical – Craig Katayama 

Key Grip – Al Stoddard

1st AD – Mario DeAngelis

Grip – Shawn Lacy 

2nd AD – Corey Cluff

Grip – Jason Walser

Art Director – Kristy Baltezore

Set Construction – Lee Roman

Costumes – Iffer Mitchell

Wardrobe – Rebecca Berry

Key Makeup – Shirele Nestlerode

HMU Assist – Brynn Shipley

Production Assistant – Bryan Bernardi

Production Assistant – Matthew Buckner

Sound Mixer – Josh Miller

Horse/Mule Wrangler – Mike Burns

Pigeon Wrangler – Dylan Tucker

Wolf – Thor

Crafty – Amy Bigler

Script Supervisor – Carolyn Harris, Shawn Zumbrunnen

Teleprompter – Crystal Myler

BTS – Keith Grover

Account Manager – Ben Anderson

DIT – Jake Hahn


Sickly – Shawn Zumbrunnen

Hawd – Christian Busath

Lewis – Trenton James 

Clark – Ben Darby 

Mental Health Provider – Isabelly Gonsales

Sidekick – Jason Wixom

Mountain Man – Jesse Parent

Mountain Women – Kate Whitaker


Ryan Powell

Shawn Zumbrunnen

Christian Busath

Shae McCombs


Editors: Jake Hansen & James Dayton

Coloring: James Dayton

SFX & Sound Design: Christian Busath

VFX: Ryan Flake, Taylor Davis, & James Dayton

Graphics: Blake Heywood

Motion Graphics: Hamza Ouaziz