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The City Library Promotes Reading Throughout the Summer

City Library

Why That’s Important

Summertime means reading and adventure with The City Library! Every year, thousands of Salt Lake residents participate in The City Library’s Super Summer Challenge, earning prizes by completing reading prompts and activities. This year, The City Library wants you to sail the “Oceans of Possibilities” that exist when you read, explore, and bond with family, friends, and neighbors. Now through August 13, Salt Lake County residents can visit any of the eight City Library locations to sign up. Participants can choose from one of four different bilingual (English/Spanish) tracker booklets, each with different activities tailored to Babies & Toddlers, Kids, Teens, and Adults. The Challenge is free to all and no library card is required. To hear a catchy seafaring tune produced by the Library, click here.

While the Super Summer Challenge is mainly focused on reading, The City Library takes it a step
further. Each tracker booklet lists a set of activities that the whole family can do together, like
visiting parks, learning about our local wetlands, and other suggestions that encourage them to try
new things and get to know their neighborhood and community.

Libraries across the nation offer summer reading programs as a way to prevent the “summer slide,”
a documented phenomenon in which students’ reading and comprehension skills regress over the
summer. Recent studies have shown that students in grades K–2 face additional pandemic-related
learning losses. Children in every demographic group have been affected, but Black and Hispanic
children, as well as those from low-income families, those with disabilities, and those who are not
fluent in English, have fallen the furthest behind. The City Library’s four trackers are completely
bilingual in Spanish, allowing community members who may not be fluent in English to participate to the fullest. Additionally, reading for pleasure — outside of school assignments — improves
language comprehension and word recognition and leads to better performance in school. When
children are allowed to choose their own reading materials, they are more engaged and more
motivated to continue reading throughout life.

Patrons can sign up by visiting their neighborhood City Library, or participate entirely online by
going to

The City Library proudly serves the Salt Lake Community with its eight locations. The Main
Library is a jewel in the heart of Salt Lake City, attracting visitors from around the world to
admire its stunning architecture and 360 degree rooftop view. Over 86% of Salt Lake residents
hold Library Cards, and in 2020 and 2021 the Library welcomed 26,000 new cardholders.
During that time cardholders checked out over 4 million physical items and 1.5 million digital
items, while the Library fulfilled over 85,000 curbside pickups. For 2022, the Library is excited to
welcome patrons for in-person and virtual programs, events, and workshops. Learn more at