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 DABC announces new strategic roadmap with methods for measuring success

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The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is working towards service improvements through technology infrastructure enhancements, workforce development, and alcohol safety education, says DABC Executive Director Tiffany Clason. The goals are identified in the department’s first ever multi-year strategic plan, which was developed with help from employees and external partners who regularly interact with the agency. 

“The DABC strategic plan is a roadmap that identifies steps we can take to achieve goals and improve service for all Utahns, whether or not they drink alcohol,” said Director Clason. “The department is not wasting any time in executing our plan. We are committed to program and service improvements and excited to have this work underway.”

Clason says the plan is divided into five strategic goals, including infrastructure advancements, workforce, improvement towards greater transparency and efficiencies in operations, an emphasis on customer service, and prioritize prevention. The goals and objectives were developed with the help of people with direct knowledge of the department’s statutory obligations under Utah law and its current business practices.

“A well-rounded plan requires that we listen to those who understand the different aspects of our department operations and incorporate their feedback. I am grateful to those who participated to help develop our goals and best approaches for achieving them,” said Clason. 

The plan looks holistically at the variety of people and groups the department serves, says Clason. First and foremost, the DABC serves all Utahns in the financial support it provides to state and local governments that help to keep taxes low, and in its alcohol safety education programs like Parents Empowered – a statewide workgroup that reduces underage drinking. Clason says the department also serves businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries by helping them to operate legally and safely so they can keep their doors open and continue contributing to the economy. 

“The DABC is invested in our community, not only in the millions we provide annually to state and local governments that pay for things like roads and transportation, public safety, and education, but also in our programs that support better health and safety for all Utahns,” said Clason. “This plan helps to make our commitment and contributions go even further.”

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s strategic plan can be found here