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Samba Fogo Presents: Still

Samba Fogo

Salt Lake City, Utah, April 1 & 2, 2022: Samba Fogo proudly presents Still, an evening of live music and dance, on fire! 

Samba Fogo returns to the stage to bring culture, fire, passion, and joy to Utah audiences. Drawing on rich Brazilian and African cultural arts traditions, Samba Fogo combines live drumming, smooth Portuguese lyrics, lively dancing and the shine of fire, all rolled into one energetic show. 

Featuring the dynamic Samba Fogo orchestra, this year’s show will include several original songs and musical compositions from Samba Fogo’s recently released debut album, “O Fogo Brilha,” (The Fire Shines). World-renowned dance artist Rosangela Silvestre will also be performing as a special guest artist, bringing her powerful stage presence and stellar dance technique to bear on the show. Silvestre will also offer a guest dance class to the local community on Saturday, March 26. 

 The concert will take audiences on a journey from deeply rooted Earth-honoring cultural traditions to the sparkle and celebration of Brazilian Carnaval. Complete with pounding drums, elaborate costumes, beautiful fire dancing and the joy and connection still held within the Samba Fogo community, we bring you “Still.” 

We are Still here.
Our community is Still intact.
We find movement and power through Stillness.

“Go in expecting some deep-rooted culture, tons of enthusiasm, and most likely the need to dance along.” -Salt Lake Magazine