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loveDANCEmore announces spring performances by artists-in-residence

loveDANCEmore announces new SUNDAY SERIES

In keeping with its mission of providing a platform for emerging and experimental dance and performance, loveDANCEmore is excited to announce our spring season showcasing our four artists-in-residence.. These events are free and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $15. Reservations at

Spring Artist-in-Residence Performance #1: Nora Lang & Jordan Danielle — April 15-23

First up, on April 15 & 16 at 7:30 pm, we have Nora Lang and Jordan Danielle. Nora is presenting a new work they describe as a catalogue of “fairy tales infused with a cast of trans and non-binary dancers,” reclaiming the queerness written out of these tales by Christian and puritan values. Jordan is reprising their work, I’m usually finding myself somewhere around 3 am, which they first started developing last fall at Sunday Series. This evening will be presented live at Sunset Studios, 1400 South Main Street. Check back here for a virtual presentation the following weekend, April 22 & 23.

We are deeply grateful for the support of Genevieve Greeley, who endowed the inaugural Arthur & Anderson Garrett Artist in Residence Fellowship held by Jordan Danielle.

Spring Artist-in-Residence Performance #2: Mitsu Salmon & Nora Price — May 6-13

On May 6 & 7 at 7:30 pm, we will present Mitsu Salmon and Nora Price in an outdoor performance at the International Peace Gardens at Jordan Park. We’ll meet at the front gate, starting at 7:15 pm. A virtual performance will be available May 12 & 13. Mitsu will be presenting Orchidelirium, an interdisciplinary dance and performance work with a soundscape by La Spacer. The work interacts with the environment in which it is presented or as a lecture/performance format. Through dance, electronic dance music, and lectures; the piece investigates the history and symbolism of orchids as connected to imperialism, sexuality, and the environment. Nora will be presenting a new work. 

We are deeply grateful for the support of John and Martha Veranth, who endowed the two inaugural John and Martha Veranth Artist in Residence Fellowships held by Mitsu Salmon and Nora Price.

We also recognize the support of the many institutions and individuals who make our work possible, including the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks, the Salt Lake City Arts Council, the Salt Lake City Public Library, Sugar Space, Sunset Studios, SpyHop, Project Rainbow, Clever Octopus, Queer Spectra Arts Festival, the Creative and Independent Producer Alliance and many individual donors of time, money, and other resources.