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Rescuers of 32 Ducks, 25 Turtles, & Goldfish at BYU Receive Happy Honk Awards

Rescuers of 32 Ducks, 25 Turtles, & Goldfish at BYU Receive Happy Honk Awards

In Defense of Animals’ National Goose Protection Coalition is pleased to share a story of compassion for animals from Provo, Utah. The National Goose Protection Coalition has issued double Happy Honk certificates to Brigham Young University (BYU) and Wasatch Wanderers for rescuing 32 domestic ducks, 25 turtles, and many goldfish.

Images of the awards and rescue can be viewed and downloaded here.

“Our coalition is thrilled to honor Brigham Young University and Wasatch Wanderers for their notable good deeds toward ducks, turtles, and goldfish,” said Lisa Levinson, of In Defense of Animals. “We’re impressed with their coordinated efforts to help animals who were originally abandoned and discarded. BYU chose compassion over killing when Wasatch Wanderers presented nonlethal alternatives.”

BYU students approached Wasatch Wanderers for help to save newly dumped pekin ducklings who could not get out of the 15 x 30 ft. pond. Upon arrival, rescuer Adison Smith noted the water reeked of “rotten eggs and poop” due to overpopulation and stagnant water. Unfortunately this pond had become a common dumping ground for domestic animals like ducks, turtles and fish. Smith vowed to help all of the animals who were dumped there. The rescue process took place in stages on November 6 and December 20. 

“After several meetings and a lot of planning the school asked us to remove the domestic animals,” said Adison Smith of Wasatch Wanderers. “We safely and humanely removed and saved 32 ducks, 25 turtles and lots of goldfish. The school has put up permanent signs we designed together to hopefully educate the public and prevent future animal abandonment.” 

Thanks to rescue efforts, most of the ducks have been adopted. The turtles went to an educational center where they will receive proper care. The remaining ducks and goldfish are safe at Wasatch Wanderers’ sanctuary until they find good homes. To inquire about adopting ducks or goldfish, please contact Wasatch Wanderersat