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New Harmon Bros Ad

Harmon Bros

 Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency behind the greatest viral ad in internet history, has earned national headlines and over 1.5 billion views for its social blockbuster ads such as Squatty Potty, Lumē, Chatbooks, Purple, among other hits. Today, the renowned social ad makers are announcing a new campaign called “Traveling Tree Woman” for Next Vacaya discount flight alerts platform that is revolutionizing the industry.  

“Americans are ready and eager to get back out there and see the world again, and we tried to capture that feeling of excitement in this ad. Next Vacay has amazing technology that makes booking flights much more affordable and accessible,” said Daniel Harmon, Chief Creative Officer at Harmon Brothers.

NextVacay image.jpeg

Watch the YouTube video here:

The ad campaign features a traveling tree woman and demonstrates how Next Vacay’s platform eliminates the usual barriers that stigmatize budget booking sites—like red-eye flights, last-minute alerts, and long layovers—to allow even the most deeply rooted home-bodies an easy and affordable way to travel. 


Agency: Harmon Brothers 


Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Harmon

Agency Managing Director: Benton Crane

Director of Accounts: Kurt Horn

Creative Director & Director: Shane Rickard

Producer: Josh Stofferahn

Writers: Kelly Vrooman, Natalie Madsen, Zach Atherton, Kurt Maloney

1st AD: Keith Grover

2nd AD: Kili Maile

Hair & Makeup: Danielle Donahue 

Prosthetics: Chris Hanson 

Prosthetics Assistant: Rachel Bennet

Wardrobe: Kathy Eckenbrecht

Script Supervisor: Kaitlin Snow-Seamons

VFX Supervisor: Bryson Alley

Director of Photography: Tyler Stevens

Plate Photography: John Newton & Bryan Fugal 

1st AC: Jameson Dresson 

2nd AC: Preston Lewis 

Gaffer: Jared Jaynes

Key Grip: Tenzen Lazerson

Grip: Josh Miller

Grip: Austin Farmer

On Set Sound: Chris Burton

Sound Mixer: Brenden Bytheway

Location Manager: Adam Bohl 

Art Director Kristen Swensen

Production Designer: Nelson Bruggerman 

Set Decorator: Anni Nelson 

Set Decorator: Marie Simonson

Set Decorator: Nelson Bruggeman 

Catering & Crafty: Richard Taylor

Production Assistant: Mario Deangelis

Production Assistant: Brigham Dunford

Production Assistant: Devon Alkema

Editor: Kaitlin Snow

Visual Effects Supervisor: Bryson Alley

Graphic Design: Mike Henderson

Teleprompter: Gibson Smith 

DIT: Ellie Peatross

Behind The Scenes: Keith Grover & Luis Puente


Treena (Tree Woman): Kelly Vrooman

Sassy BFF: Kelsie Elena 

Window Passenger: The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Naveen Dittakavi

CLIENT: Next Vacay

CEO: Naveen Dittakavi

Contributors: Marc Aarons, Mashon Thomas, Rally On Media (Brian Doochin, Alex Portera)