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Sasaki Announces the Grand Opening of Dumke Arts Plaza in Ogden, Utah

Sasaki, an award-winning global design firm, announced today the completion of the Dumke Arts Plaza in Ogden, Utah. The Dumke Arts Plaza is a community art center, including a vibrant outdoor gallery and an intimate performance venue. Sasaki was tasked with designing a space that serves as the centerpiece of the developing creative district in downtown Ogden and further transforms the area. With this in mind, Sasaki designed Dumke Arts Plaza to promote creativity and create a space where a diverse set of artists can share their work and establish Ogden as a contemporary art hotspot. Major art pieces, as well as community-led arts programs, will be included in the plaza. The plaza design was led by Sasaki, in partnership with Ogden-based firms IO LandArch and Union Creative Agency.  

On December 3, 2021, community members came together to celebrate the opening of the plaza. The event was illuminated with colorful lights, live music, and an inaugural sculpture exhibition. Speakers included Jeremy Dunn, Weber County RAMP; Claire Dumke Ryberg, President of the Dr. Ezekiel R. and Edna Wattis Dumke Foundation; Lydia Gravis, Director of Art Exhibitions & Public Programs, Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Weber State University; Cori Anderson, Board President of Ogden Contemporary Arts; and Mark Johnson, Chief Administration Officer of Ogden City.  

“Ogden was ahead of the curve,” said Anna Cawrse, associate principal and co-director of Sasaki’s Denver office. “The Dumke Arts Plaza is a place that positions Ogden as a global destination for art while putting the community at the center. This design challenge, while daunting, was also thrilling. It meant we got to work closely with the community, closely with artists, art curators, the city, the community, the Dumke Foundation, fabricators—the list goes on and on. We were able to blur the lines between landscape, architecture, and art to uncover a design that had never been thought of before.” 

Lorie Buckley, Arts Coordinator at Ogden City Arts, Culture, and Events, also spoke at the event. “Thank you for listening to our crazy ideas, dreaming with us, and sharing your inspiration and creativity,” said Buckley. “Thank you for your willingness to color outside of the lines when we gave you the impossible task of designing a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking civic space. Working with the Sasaki team has been an amazing experience, and we couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out. We are so incredibly happy that Sasaki was a part of this project, and we are hopeful to work with you again in the future.” 

Ogden City encourages community members and organizations interested in hosting arts programming and events or for more information about the Dumke Arts Plaza to visit   

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