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Dreamscapes Final Weeks at The Gateway

Dreamscapes Reopens in a new location at The Gateway on January 29

Dreamscapes—Salt Lake City’s Immersive Art Experience—will close its current location at The Gateway in Downtown SLC on November 14. Extended days and hours begin on October 20 to accommodate reservations to see the exhibit at its current location. Utah Arts Alliance plans to continue the project in a new location, opening Summer 2022.  Reserve tickets here.

Dreamscapes first debuted to the public as an art installation during the 2018 ILLUMINATE: Light Art + Creative Tech Fest. Public support and enthusiasm led its current iteration with doors officially opening at The Gateway in March 2019. More than 150,000 visitors, including 63,000 out-of-state guests,  have experienced the attraction at this location. The final days to see Dreamscapes here will coincide with ILLUMINATE, bringing the project full circle. 

This immersive experience follows a dream-inspired storyline through colorful vignettes that meander an ethereal labyrinth, an exciting way to experience digital and physical art. COVID cautious and appropriate for all ages, Dreamscapes supports the Utah Arts Alliance mission – To foster the arts in ALL forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community.

Born from the imaginations of over 100 artists, builders and audio-visual wizards, Dreamscapes is Utah’s first environmentally-sustainable attraction. Dreamscapes is built using upcycled and reclaimed materials. With amazing sustainability partners including 3 Form, Salt Palace Convention Center, Habitat for Humanity’s Restore and others, Dreamscapes has diverted more than 200 tons of waste from the landfill. The end result is an ever-changing vision of beauty that knows no bounds, a manifestation only dreamers can embrace. 

“Dreamscapes has been one of the most important arts and cultural projects in Utah’s history. We have proven that this art attraction is an important economic driver, a major tourism draw, a job creator and economic development opportunity for Salt Lake and Utah. Most importantly, Dreamscapes has helped create a better quality of life for our community through our sustainability initiatives and giving us all a reminder of the importance of wonder and magic.  We are incredibly excited for the next chapter of Dreamscapes as the next iteration will be bigger, better and even more magical,” says Derek Dyer, Executive Director of Utah Arts Alliance and Dreamscapes.

Extended hours begin on October 20 to accommodate new and returning visitors:
Wednesday – Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm 

Additional dates: Tuesday, Nov 2nd; Monday, Nov 8th; Tuesday Nov 9th