Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Craft Lake City’s We Are Performers Exhibition Extended

Craft Lake City has extended the interactive Celebration of the Hand We Are Performers public art installation until the end of October. The exhibition highlights work by fourteen Utah-based visual artists who work in a digital format. Celebrating 13 years of The Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival, We Are Performers features digital designs by festival participants whose work was inspired by a pre-recorded performance of a performing group or artist who previously participated in the Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Each artwork represents a specific year that artist and performer participated. Installed in 4’x8’ streetside frames, each work includes a QR code that gives passersby the opportunity to watch or listen to the performance that inspired the visual piece.

For the Broadway plakats, 13 local visual artists have interpreted songs from the featured performers, creating stunning, large-scale pieces that bridge the gap between sound and image. Some of these plakats include Michael Phipps of Scatterbrain Tees’ abstract interpretation of local legends Red Bennies’ experimental post-punk, artist and activist Mariella Mendoza’s seafaring representation of Katya Murafa’s trip-hop violin performances and Trent Call’s cartoon gentlemen that accompanies BIRTHQUAKE!’s danceable math rock.

Celebration of the Hand: We Are Performers is displayed on 300 S. in Salt Lake City between 200 West and 200 East. Find more information on, and stay up to date with Craft Lake City on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @craftlakecity. 

This project was created in partnership with THE BLOCKSThe Temporary Museum of Permanent ChangeThe Center for the Living City, and Utah Humanities. Additional support provided by Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) Program, the Salt Lake Arts Council, the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, and Utah Arts & Museums, with funding from the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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