Level Crossing Brewing

Award winning Level Crossing Brewing Company is immensely proud and thrilled to partner with Crosby Hops and the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to release the Rock On Crafted Lager. This inaugural national project is to benefit musicians and their crews that were heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to donating to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, Level Crossing will be donating proceeds to Salt Lake’s own Salt Lake Academy of Music. You can get the Rock On Crafted Lager at the Level Crossing Taproom in Salt Lake starting September 10, 2021. Do it loud & proud!


Technical Specs:

Rock On Crafted Lager 2021

Style: American Pilsner

ABV: 5%

IBU: 25

Color: 2.5 SRM

Malt: Solstice Pilsner, Solstice Flaked Corn, Dextrapils

Hops: Amarillo, Idaho 7

Tasting Notes:

Rock On Crafted Lager is an American Pilsner brewed with Solstice pilsner, Solstice flaked corn and Dextrapils malts. Rock On has aromas of sweet malt, white grape, apricot and freshly brewed green tea. The use of Solstice Pilsner and flaked corn give Rock On a light yet velvety body with background notes of lightly toasted sourdough bread, lemongrass and honeydew. Rock On finishes moderately dry with a clean and refreshing herbal hop bitterness.

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