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loveDANCEmore announces new SUNDAY SERIES

loveDANCEmore announces new SUNDAY SERIES

In keeping with its mission of providing a platform for emerging and experimental dance and performance, loveDANCEmore is excited to announce our new SUNDAY SERIES, a season of performances presented on the roof of Spy Hop’s Kahlert Media Center at 208 West 900 South. These events are free and open to the public, with a suggested donation of $10. A fuller announcement will be made available on August 1

SUNDAY SERIES is the reincarnation of Mudson, loveDANCEmore’s work-in-progress platform that ran for ten seasons from 2010 through 2019, and morphed into an online event called Only the Lonely last spring. Mudson got its unusual name from the Judson Church in downtown Manhattan and the Masonic Temple here in SLC. During the first decade of Mudson, we produced over 150 new dances and paid out more than $20,000 in stipends to local choreographers. During this time, loveDANCEmore also presented artists from around the world including Raja Feather Kelly, Juan Aldape, Karinne Keithley-Syers, Carolina Tabares, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Julie Dash, David Rousseve, and Paula Pfoser. 

Taking place across four Sundays this fall, SUNDAY SERIES continues that legacy, as well as addressing the dirth of cultural activities available to the Utah public on Sundays. This season is curated by loveDANCEmore staff in collaboration with two esteemed guest curators, Jorge Rojas and Jordan Simmons. The schedule is as follows: 

Sunday, August 29: Emmett Wilson and Masio Sangster

Emmett Wilson, a long-time SLC artist and former Public Library garden coordinator now living in Philidelphia, will present AFTERNOON OF AN ALTER : a not-so-lonely solo, made by Wilson during a Headlong Performance Institute 2021 residency. Their work deals in alternated egos and identities, using these playful tools to transport audiences on surreal and intimate journies. They write: “Come wrangle with reality at a Rodeo Biscuit Bar aboard a spaceship bound for LadyPrince Planet driven by the pilot, Ew, the dancer. Cowboy Waitress, Mad Donna, Yung&Bizzy, and others will keep you (and Ew) company during the journey. BYOSelves.” 

Wilson will share this evening with Masio Sangster, who loveDANCEmore first became aware of through their solo performance at Dominica Greene and Courtney Mazeika’s A Shedding in 2020.

Sunday, September 12: Arin Lynn & Tori Meyer and Jessica Baynes & Nicholas Maughan

Jessica Baynes, who teaches at the University of Utah and is versed in dance many forms, will collaborate with Ballet West pianist Nick Maughan, with whom she lived during the pandemic. “Many western classical dance forms, such as ballet and modern dance, often utilize music and ‘music for dance’ as a means of accompaniment rather than a means of equal collaboration wherein each method informs the other,” writes Baynes. “With our household practice, however, there is generally an equal distribution of experimentation, compromise, and play between us and our mediums. Thus, each mode of expression is enhanced, heightened, and more holistically informed.”

Baynes and Maughan will share this evening with Arin Lynn and Tori Meyer, fresh from their success presenting an evening length perfromance this summer at the Art Barn, about which loveDANCEmore reviewer Max Barnewitz wrote, “What may be most striking about the work was the range of emotions explored. Quotidien/Quotidian lets audiences oscillate between the curiosity felt when you visit a friend’s house for the first time, to the gratifying slap-happiness of a dance party (which was enjoyed by all in an advanced-hokey-pokey-style dance circle), to the intimate anxiety felt by partners when hosting people in your home.”

Sunday, October 10: Artists TBA Curated by Jorge Rojas

Jorge Rojas is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and educator from Morelos, Mexico. He studied Art at the University of Utah and at Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Rojas uses performance, visual art, and social engagement to examine cultural, social, and mediated forms of communication. His art and curatorial projects have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and other venues nationally and internationally. From 2015 to 2021, Rojas served as director of learning and engagement at Utah Museum of Fine Arts where he oversaw education, community engagement, and public programming initiatives. Rojas is actively involved in the Salt Lake City community as an artist, curator, educator, and is a passionate advocate for advancing racial and cultural justice through the arts.

Rojas will curate three or four artists for this evening who will be announced on August 1. 

Sunday, October 24: TBA Curated by Jordan Simmons

Jordan Simmons is a freestyle dancer, organizer and artist from the East Coast now living in Salt Lake City. Recently, they helped organize the Black Excellence Party, as well as teaching widely in the community where they also work as a doula.

Simmons will curate this evening, which will be announced in detail on August 1. 

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Image credit, photo by Luca Pearl Khosrova.