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Two Utah brands launch a heartwarming partnership


Utah Founded Companies TrüFrü and Lonely Ghost have launched an exclusive partnership, collaborating on a new package design for TrüFrü’s Frozen White and Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberries.

Prior to the collaboration, Co-Founder of Lonely Ghost Indy Blue—who has a following of over 350,000 on Instagram—took to social media to share her deep appreciation for TrüFrüs decadent snacks, which ultimately, saved her life. 

Indy Blue explains — “I was in the hospital and went into diabetic ketoacidosis, my blood sugars dropped dangerously low. At that exact moment my friends walked in the door to visit me, my nurse looked around in a panic and pointed at the bag of TrüFrü’s frozen Chocolate Raspberries that they had brought at my request, and said, “eat that!” My blood sugar returned to a healthy range, and I lived to tell the tale of how these little raspberries ‘trü-ly’ saved my life.” 

Once Indy’s health improved she knew they had to reach out to TrüFrü and collaborate in some capacity. Through the power of social media and one Direct Message on Instagram later, meetings were scheduled and this project was born.

Indy told the TrüFrü team, “these literally saved my life” and they were inspired by her story, knowing that they had to incorporate it into this product design.  

The new brand package design is complete with a ghost outline, mixed with raspberries, and phrases like “I Love TrüFrü Say It Back” which is inspired by Lonely Ghost’s trademarked slogan: “I love you, say it back”, and, “These Literally Saved My Life” which comes from Indy’s story. The playful design brings together both brands’ aesthetics and vibe, while incentivizing authenticity across both companies.