Utah ranked as the 3rd most equipped States for EV vehicles

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America is the second largest carbon emitter in the world and Biden’s new administration is looking to tackle this head on, mainly through his plan to implement 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2030. These stations would make every city and town in America a safe haven for electric cars, but which state already holds that title?
A new study from driving education website, Zutobi, has looked at the number of electric vehicles in America and the number of charging stations to reveal that Utah is the 3rd most equipped State for EVs with 67 charging points per 100,000 vehicles.
See the ranking here: https://zutobi.com/us/driver-guides/the-us-electric-vehicle-charging-point-report
The study focuses on the ratio of charging points per total vehicles in a state to reflect capabilities at scale. This allows for them to look beyond the ratio of EV charging points to EVs, as while there may be sufficient points currently, this doesn’t always mean they are the best states at scale. 
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The 10 states most equipped for EV drivers

RankStateNumber of EVsNumber of EV charging outletsCharging points per 1,000 EVsCharging points per 100,000 vehicles
8Rhode Island600469781.753.7
9New York16,6005,704343.652.5
  • The North East of the country appears to be a hub of the easiest states to charge up for EV drivers including Massachusetts, Maryland and New York.
  • Vermont ranks #1 with one of the highest number of charging points per 1,000 EVs and the most charging points per 100,000 total vehicles making it the most equipped state for EVs drivers and those looking to make the change.
  • California has the most EVs and number of total vehicles, and while it only has 123 charging points per 1,000 EVs, it has 104 points per 100,000 total vehicles making it easier for all Californian drivers to charge up should they get an EV.    

The bottom 3 states with the least charging points

RankStateNumber of EVsNumber of registered vehiclesNumber of EV charging outletsEVs per 100,000 vehiclesCharging points per 1,000 EVsCharging points per 100,000 vehicles

  • Louisiana has yet to achieve the infrastructure of the top 10 with just 325 charging points compared to its nearly 4 million vehicles. 
  • Alaska ties first place, but is perhaps in a worse position as a large state. Its 67 charging points per 800,000 vehicles don’t fare well for the vast distances its residents may well be driving. 
  • Alabama also currently stands as a state with l

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