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Toler Arts and Dreamscapes present an immersive art scavenger hunt on March 4!

Toler Arts and Dreamscapes present an immersive art scavenger hunt on March 4!

Salt Lake City Artists Alice and Trent Toler, specializing in large-scale interactive installation works, are set to launch an immersive art scavenger hunt at Dreamscapes. This artist team created the Roots Network, on display at Dreamscapes—Salt Lake City’s Immersive Art Experience, to bring the magic of the underground root system to the human experience as people wander the various rooms at Dreamscapes.

Dreamscapes, 111 S. Rio Grande at The Gateway
Participation requires an entry to Dreamscapes. Tickets are $15 with discounts available for kids, seniors, military and healthcare workers. Reserve Here

As you enter the Roots Network, you’ll find underground-dwelling critters and an array of exotic fungus. The roots of trees and plants, and mycelium—the root network of mushrooms—provide many places to hide. Three wise toads inhabit these caverns, and if you seek them out each will ask you an array of questions. Answer any or all of them on the tags provided, or bring in your own tag or picture to add to the Roots.

“We’ve been so excited to work with Dreamscapes to present these rooms of participatory art. We’ve had great experiences with the public in the past with our productions, and this is the biggest we’ve ever built. It’ll be so much fun to see what people decide to add to the installations, and what they decide to bring with them to share,” said Alice Toler.

For this special event, guests are given a small card with prompts to find items throughout Dreamscapes. Take a picture of each item and return to the front desk to show pictures for prizes (limited prints, stickers, tickets).

“We are excited to invite people to explore Dreamscapes in a manner that encourages reflection, introspection and an opportunity to engage deeper with this special place. Dreamscapes offers safe and inclusive artistic activities for the community to escape into another world during your visit here,” said Kim Angeli, Public Relations for the Utah Arts Alliance.