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Urban Arts Gallery presents MO(VE)MENT, a collection of art for social change and justice


MO(VE)MENT is a collection of art for social justice and change presented by the Urban Arts Gallery in February as part of its monthly rotating exhibits. In this exhibit, local artists explore a variety of issues, such as systemic racism and sexism, environmentalism and climate change, and political division and disengagement.

Featured artists: Aimee Cozza, Andrea Hardeman, Armando Mata, Bonneville Jones, Chris Haggqvist, David Raleigh, Grace Davis, Grant Fuhst, Essie Shaw, Hannah Berrett, Heath Helmer, Heather Olsen, Henry Kemp, Ivan Ortega, Jenna Rogan, Jordan C. Brun, Katie Felgar, Katie Mansfield, Matthew Goodwin, Kirk DeGuzman, Lindsay Huss, Makayla Hopkins, Marc Milner, Miguel Galaz, Mike Jensen, Nathan Gentry, Paola Bidinelli, Sarah Means, Scott Tuckfield, Sierra Gentry, Sky Hatter, Skyler Wefer, Steven Salabsky, Sydney Stansfield, Thomas J. Knight, Timm Paxton, Travis Wilker, Tyler Pierce, and YongChul Kwon. 

“Mo(ve)ment” will hang February 2nd through 28, with a gallery stroll reception on February 19th from 6-9pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

Urban Arts Gallery is a non-profit art venue of the Utah Arts Alliance, conveniently located at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City since February 2013.  The gallery showcases contemporary works by over 100 emerging and established Utah artists in the broad spectrum of street art to fine modern art, encouraging the appreciation of city life, cultural diversity, and diverse art mediums.

Address: 116 S Rio Grande
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday, noon – 9 pm; closed Monday