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Trager Pellet Grilles to lease historic newspaper building


Traeger Pellet Grills LLC announced today they will be building their new and expanded headquarters in Salt Lake City’s Post District. Traeger will be housed in the old Newspaper Agency Company (NAC) building, a historic, industrial building that served as the printing and distribution center for newspapers across the Intermountain West.  

“There’s something invigorating about taking an original and innovating on it,” said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Wood Pellet Grills. “The opportunity to collaborate and breathe new life into the historic NAC building is so in line with Traeger’s DNA, we couldn’t help but jump in and be part of this new re-imagined space in downtown Salt Lake City.”Traeger will be located on the corner of 500 South and 400 West, and will be the northwest commercial anchor to Post Road and Post Plaza, a 52,000 square foot center area lined with restaurants, cafes and smaller local shops. Post Road will serve as the central hub of activity to both Traeger employees as well as residents and visitors to the district.“We’re excited to have such a high quality company and brand be our lead anchor for this project,” says Brandon Blaser at BCG Holdings, the managing partner for the Post District. “Traeger’s story is all about re-imagining and innovation, which is completely in line with the Post District’s vision.”

“While Traeger’s heritage is rooted strongly in the Pacific Northwest, Utah has been home since 2014 and its impact on our growth and culture cannot be overstated,” said Cole VandenAkker, EVP of Sales at Traeger. “From our early days in Springville, to the last several years in Sugarhouse, we are proud to be called a Utah company and are eager to continue growing Traeger in the heart of Salt Lake City.”Construction on Traeger’s new space will begin immediately and is expected to be completed in 2022. The over 95,000 square foot redevelopment will serve as Traeger’s global headquarters.  Along with their expected 500 employees office and R&D use, their space will include a retail showroom, a training and test kitchen, and a unique indoor/outdoor patio space that will be accessible from the new Post Road and Plaza area.   Post District is one of the first Opportunity Zone projects of this scale in the country to utilize the program to redevelop underserved communities. “This project does exactly what Opportunity Zones are intended to do,” explains Blaser. “We are taking a blighted, vacant site, and redeveloping it in a responsible way to foster job growth, provide mixed-income housing and create new, vibrant spaces for the community.”