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Salt Lake County Arts & Culture Master Plan

Salt Lake County Arts & Culture

On Tuesday, December 15, Salt Lake County Arts & Culture will release its recently completed Arts & Culture Master Plan via a virtual presentation.

The County plays a significant role in the arts in Salt Lake County. The ZAP program provides operational funding to hundreds of arts groups around the County and Arts & Culture supports the arts through funding and stewardship of our venues and our Public Art Program. 

“This Master Plan is another key tool in helping the County support and plan for the future of arts and culture in our region and was informed by municipal and community leaders, stakeholders, arts organizations, and the public,” said Holly Yocom, Salt Lake County’s Community Services Department Director.

In support of the arts and culture sector, the County conducted a Cultural Facilities Master Plan in 2008. The plan provided a framework for developing and sustaining County-supported cultural facilities to meet the current and future needs of the County’s arts and cultural organizations, citizens, and visitors.

“The 2020 Arts & Culture Master Plan takes a fresh look at the original plan and builds on it,” continued Yocom. “It includes a revised vision for success for the Arts & Culture sector in Salt Lake County; an updated inventory of facilities and recommendations; existing and desired Public Art programs; and an evaluation and monitoring plan to gauge success.”

The original master plan included a set of recommendations that led to a number of important outcomes including the eventual construction of the Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center and the Cultural Facilities Support Program, which to date has provided over $17M to 39 projects across the County. 

“The outcomes of the original Master plan have helped to expand support for the artists and the community across the region and we’re confident the new 2020 plan we’re presenting today will do the same,” said Matthew Castillo, Salt Lake County’s Arts & Culture Division Director. “All of us at Salt Lake County feel extremely fortunate to have this plan and all the great insight from the broader community to help guide our work in the coming years.”

The recommendations in the plan aren’t necessarily all intended for the County to carry itself, Castillo continued. Many of these recommendations are meant to help foster and guide arts & culture activities driven by municipalities and other organizations. The hope is that organizations will take the master plan and use it to help inform their own work with the support of Salt Lake County Arts & Culture.

Kate Scorza Ingram from Create Today worked on the master plan with the County. Kate has a deep history of working with Salt Lake County Arts & Culture. She helped as consultant on the Eccles Theater project and also worked with us on the previous Cultural Facilities Master Plan in 2008.

Master Plan Overview

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

6:00 p.m.             Register here for this session

Public Q&A Session 

Friday, December 18, 2020

11:00 a.m.       Register here for this session