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Lumen Land, a pop, COVID-safe outdoor art exhibit

Introducing Lumen Land, a pop, COVID-safe outdoor art exhibit

As part of the annual ILLUMINATE Light Art + Creative Technology Festival, Utah Arts Alliance and Dreamscapes introduces Lumen Land, in partnership with Element 11. Lumen Land is a walk-through light art labyrinth that showcases the cross section of physical art and technology in a 17,000 square ft outdoor space. The project consists of large and small-scale installations created by local artists in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

Lumen Land is a pop-up exhibit, open through 11/29, 2020, designed to create an opportunity for the public to experience light art in a COVID-safe environment. With a carefully-designed layout, timed and limited entry and mask requirement, Lumen Land offers a safe art experience the whole family can enjoy. 

Dates and Hours:
November 6 – 29, Closed Thanksgiving
Sunset to 10 pm 

$10 per person, Children under 3 are free
Purchase in advance to reserve your time slot
Ticket Link
Tickets may be purchased at the venue, if time slots are available. No cash please.   

“As we enter the darkest days of the year, Lumen Land offers an artistic experience in a safe and accessible environment that also keeps artists creating in new and exciting ways,” said Derek Dyer, Executive Director of the Utah Arts Alliance.