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Utah ranked worst in nationwide index of air quality and purity

Utah State Capitol

A leading online platform for dehumidifier and air purifier reviews has revealed the ‘signature scent’ of US states and key cities after surveying 3,000 Amercians. New Yorkers said the Big Apple smells most of chicken wings and garbage, while those in Michigan decided car exhausts best represented their state’s smell. The site also looked at air quality and purity data and found that Utah ranked worse with an air quality index (AQI) score of 51.2, while Hawaii ranked best with a 21.2 AQI score.

The leading online dehumidifier and air purifier platform in North America has revealed the US states with the cleanest air, and asked Americans to choose their states’ ‘signature scent’ based on survey results. 

The platform,,  delved into the air pollution levels in America and using publicly available data has ranked the states from best to worst. Hawaii has the best air quality in the US with an air quality index (AQI) score of 21.2, while Utah lands in last place with an AQI score of 51.2*.

The ten states with the worst air quality are:

  1. Utah – 51.2 AQI
  2. Georgia – 48.2 AQI
  3. Ohio – 48.2 AQI
  4. West Virginia – 47.6 AQI
  5. Indiana – 47.5 AQI
  6. Tennessee- 47.5 AQI
  7. Colorado – 47.1 AQI
  8. Maryland – 47 AQI
  9. Washington DC – 46.8 AQI
  10. Alabama – 46.6 AQI

To see the full list of states ranked best and worst for air purity, plus each states’ signature scent as chosen by Americans, click here:

Last year alone around 70 million tons of pollution were emitted into the United States atmosphere, these all play a vital part in the air quality across the country. However, some states are worse than others when it comes to air quality. 

Utah has an air quality index of 51.2 with the main reason for its high air quality index being it’s mountainous ranges, causing a pollution build-up near the surface. In contrast, the state with the best air quality was Hawaii with an air quality index of 21.2, sitting well within the ‘good’ air quality index range. Although it’s not all doom and gloom, anything above an index of 50 is considered ‘moderate’ quality***, so nearly all of the US states have good quality air. 

In addition to the air purity data, surveyed 3,000 Americans and asked them to assign a signature scent to the state they currently call home. Participants were asked to select from a range of different smells, but also had the option to add their own. New Yorkers were possibly the most unkind, giving NYC’s aroma as chicken wings and garbage, along with residents in Kentucky who chose Bourbon and horse manure. Virginians chose a state scent of gunpowder, while Georgians decided road works and peaches best represented them. is the number one platform for all dehumidifier and air purifier needs. The platform, founded by Oliver Perryman, was born from the desire to help individuals find the right appliance for them, after discovering that a dehumidifier was the cure to his chronic health complications.

Oliver Perryman, founder of, said,

“Well, 2020 stinks! So we thought it might be fun to find out just what America stinks of in 2020, and decided to ask the people who would know best. I must admit I’m fairly sure that some of these scents are based around stereotypes, but some are quite entertaining nonetheless!

“Less exciting, however, is the thought of air quality index scores going up across the country. We hope that by highlighting the issue of air pollution again, we can bring further awareness of it and remind people that even the smallest change can make a difference. We can all do our part to keep American air pure and safer for all our benefits.”