Summer is here! That means that it is time to grab your cooler and fill it with your drinkof choice for a day at the lake or adventure into the Utah’s mountains! Try something new totally new and fabulously refreshing. Starting August 2020, Pakkā Hard Coconut Water can be found at all Harmons locations across the state.

Pakkā is about more than hard seltzers; we’re about keeping you innovatively refreshed any time and anywhere! Our Hard Coconut Water doesn’t just serve your taste buds. It’sthe fun cousin of boring, non-alcoholic coconut water, with an added boozy bonus.Here at Pakka Hard Seltzer Company, we’re imagining innovative ways to give the world honestly refreshing, boozy beverages that are naturally gluten-free and contain only real ingredients.

Pakkā Hard Coconut Water is 5.0% alcohol by volume and is made with only four ingredients: Water, Alcohol from Cane Sugar, Coconut, and Sea Salt. It is naturallygluten-free, does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and is only 99 calories per can including two grams of sugars. If you’re looking for an easy, revitalizing, boozy summer time drink to cool off with during your day, enjoy Pakkā Hard Coconut Water straight from the can, on the rocks, or in a signature cocktail!