This August, Local Colors of Utah features our gallery’s long-standing up-cycled sculptor Lawrence Wayne Adkinson.

Lawrence’s appreciation for art was nurtured as a young boy growing up in a small town in Kansas. His mother, an artist herself, taught him to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.  She took him to museums, art galleries, and bluegrass concerts. She was always teaching him to study the beauty in nature and the uniqueness in people. His father, a barber and part time TV repairman, provided him with opportunities to tear apart, fix, invent and create. This is how Lawrence’s art has evolved.

Lawrence enjoys bringing new life to discarded objects, depicting our relationships with the earth and nature. He incorporates a key as symbol of usefulness and life to each sculpture. His hope for those who view his art is to adopt it’s meaning into their lives.  Lawrence states, “Often people say ‘I can’t describe this work in words, but I feel it!’ When they do, I know that I have been successful in my art.”

Lawrence’s up-cycled sculptures are displayed in private collections in New York, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Utah, and as far away as England and Scotland.

There is an Artists Reception on August 21th from 6-9pm to coincide with the Sugar House Art Walk.

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