New Nancy Drew Online Virtual Escape Room Debuts

Nancy Drew Carolyn Keene

Mystery Escape Room at The Gateway opened the first officially licensed escape room experience in the world based on the classic Nancy Drew Mystery StoriesⓇ licensed from Simon & Schuster, a CBS Company, last October. They are happy to announce the new Nancy Drew online escape room option. The adventure costs just $85 for eight players.

Nancy Drew Virtual Escape Room is an online escape room adventure where players work together via the internet using video conferencing so teams can connect remotely while staying at home. The team will need to use all tools available to them to explore rooms, find secret hiding places and discover the answer to the mystery.

Nancy was investigating a case of stolen artifacts from a traveling art show at the River Heights Museum. She was last seen entering the old Forsyth estate east of town yesterday evening. The Forsyths are visiting relatives in Europe and left Nancy the keys to watch the house and take care of the family pets for them. The police can’t help much because she hasn’t been gone long, but it isn’t like Nancy to leave and not communicate with anyone. It is now up to the team to see if they can find answers. The team has one advantage that may help them solve the mystery. Nancy was anticipating that something might happen and left some clues in the form of puzzles. If the team can find these puzzles and solve them, they might find more clues to what happened to her.

The adventure will start in the mansion. Participants will be able to explore rooms in the mansion virtually on their computer screens. They will locate puzzles and riddles that will unlock doors and reveal secrets within the mansion. They will also be able to help each other solve these riddles and clues by communicating with each other and by using common tools found on the internet like Google Maps, Search, Translate, and more.

“As a hub for specialty interactive experiences, we’re proud have an online escape room experience until we can all meet together in person at The Gateway,” says Jacklyn Briggs marketing director. “Puzzles have been a great bonding experience for families, and this is a great way for friends to interact again in a meaningful way.”

“We are very excited to be working a nationally recognized publisher, Simon & Schuster, a CBS company, to bring the mystery of the iconic Nancy Drew Mystery Stories now available as an online adventure for the whole family,” said Leslie Pardew, owner of Mystery Escape Room. “Every generation wants to hand down their love of Nancy Drew to children and grandchildren. This is a perfect fit for the whole family or great for team building while we are practicing social distancing.”

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