Good Company Theatre Presents the Rolling World Premiere of "Babel"
Good Company Theatre Presents the Rolling World Premiere of “Babel”

Good Company Theatre is excited to participate in the National New Play Network rolling world premiere of Babel by Philadelphia-based playwright Jacqueline Goldfinger.

In the near future, when designer babies are a government mandate, two couples have serious decisions to make. They are already struggling to get pregnant, and while deciding hair color and gender is all fine, but the real decision whether or not to get their prospective fetus pre-certified. This certification “guarantees” that the baby will grow up to be a “good” person. Is that even possible? The four potential parents struggle as they begin to find out.

“We are happy that Babel is our first rolling world premiere with the National New Play Network,” enthuses Good Company Theatre Founder and Co-Director Alicia Washington. “This dark comedy really questions just how much human innovation costs in the long run.”

“Toying with eugenics is something people have been doing since the dawn of time, and we know it mostly falls apart,” remarks Good Company Theatre Co-Director Camille Washington. “How these characters try and navigate the process is what makes Babel so provocative and timely.”

Babel is a new play by Jacqueline Goldfinger. She is an Affiliated Artist at New Georges, National New Play Network, and The Lark Playwright’s Center. She won the Yale Drama Prize, Smith Prize, Generations Award, Brown Martin Award, Barrymore Award, and Philadelphia Critics Award. She co-Founded The Foundry @ PlayPenn, a free three year mentorship program for emerging playwrights. She teaches Playwriting in the MFA Theater Program at Temple University. She is a Mentor for the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival and runs the playwriting resource, Page By Page. She is represented by The Gurman Agency.

The play features performances by Olivia Custodio (Saturday’s Voyeur, Streetlight Woodpecker), Nicole Finney (Flying, The Christians), Mickey Larson (Peter Pan, Annie Get Your Gun), and Jesse Nepivoda (23 Short Plays about Walter Eyer, Gloria). It is directed by Flo Bravo.