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Hidden End of the Line

Teresa M. Tucker, who writes fiction under the pen name “Tessa Tucker,” and her family’s lives revolve around words. With her husband and many family members being deaf, everyone signs American Sign Language (ASL) and, when her children became interested in reading books like “The Maze Runner,” Tucker began coming up with stories her kids and their friends would enjoy, while leaving out adult situations and language.

In “Hidden End of the Line,” Tucker presents a thrilling teen fiction about a whiz kid who has been kidnapped and is trapped on a speeding train. He must overcome a force field and monsters to protect his secrets and make it out alive.

“This book offers hope and inspiration for teens struggling with depression, their faith, or being labeled for their mistakes,” Tucker said. “It is a clean read for teens, which captures their attention and interest, without the adult experiences some teen novels include.” 

Tucker’s latest novel stands out as one of the few novels to highlight a deaf character. She includes ASL in her book and explanations of the language, while providing a relatable character living with the challenges of being deaf.

“We let others paint us a certain way,” Tucker said. “When we learn to not buy into labels or let others change the way we think about ourselves, then we can see the true picture of ourselves.”

“Hidden End of the Line”

By Tessa Tucker

ISBN: 978-1-9736-8212-7

Available at the Westbow Press Online Bookstore and Amazon

About the author

Teresa M. Tucker has a master’s degree in Education, a bachelor’s degree in Social Science, and is currently pursuing her master’s in History. She writes young adult fiction and history books, while raising her two teens. Her other published works include: “Altonian Summit” and “Silent Depth,” the first two books in her “Altonian” series, and “Indomitable Deaf Victorians.” Her fiction pen name is “Tessa Tucker” and her history works are under “T. Michelle Tucker.” Her husband and many family members are deaf, and her entire family signs ASL. They currently live in Lehi, Utah.  To learn more about the author and her book, visit: https://www.westbowpress.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/800276-hidden-end-of-the-line.

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