Ritual Chocolate Releases New Berries & Bubbly Bar

Ritual Chocolate Releases New Berries & Bubbly Bar

Combining their small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate with dry bubbly and raspberries, Ritual Chocolate is releasing their new Berries & Bubbly bar, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

“We have spent the past few months crafting what we think is the perfect bar for the season,” said Anna Davies, co-owner of Ritual Chocolate. “We try to find ingredients to compliment unique cacao flavors, and feel we have found the ultimate combination in this bar,” she adds.

The celebratory and limited edition Berries & Bubbly bar is made by soaking Ritual’s Madagascar cacao nibs in a white wine barrel, bringing together the freshness of the dry bubbly and fruity notes of the cacao. The result is a 70% Madagascar chocolate bar, infused with dry bubbly and sprinkled with dried raspberries. 

In addition to Berries & Bubbly, Ritual is releasing a variety of box sets, perfect for gifting and enjoying any time of year. Chocolate lovers will be able to choose from the full 17 Bar Collection, 5 Bar Single Origin Collection and Mountain Line Collection. Each set is handsomely packaged in sleek black and gold, holding each set like a collection of books. 

Founded in 2010 by Robbie Stout and Anna Davies, Ritual Chocolate has dedicated itself to providing sustainably sourced, exceptional quality chocolate while celebrating the complexity of the cacao bean. Sourcing some of the highest quality cacao in the world to make their chocolate, each bar represents an authentic expression of the flavor unique to each origin of the bean.

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