Local Colors of Utah Art Gallery presents a new artist exhibit entitled “Art, Joy in all Phases” This show features the multifaceted artist Neena Plant. Neena’s medium of choice for many years has been transparent watercolor, though as she grows more proficient as a photographer and as an acrylic painter, she finds these to be increasingly enjoyable. Her other creative pursuits include silver casting, lapidary, and poetry, and since mid-2017, Neena’s focus has shifted toward learning and enjoying wheel-thrown and hand built pottery, though not abandoning her other artistic pursuits. Neena feels that art should express the artist’s inner beauty and passion to the world outside. Whether creating images that are representational, abstract, or somewhere between, she views art as an emotional statement by the artist, to communicate with the viewer on levels both above and below the conscious mind. 

Art, Joy in all Phases” opens February 19th with an evening reception on February 21st and runs through March 17th.

For more details visit http://www.localcolorsart.com/content/featured-artists