Chef Bryan Woolley Joins Park City Culinary Institute

Chef Bryan Woolley
Chef Bryan Woolley
Chef Bryan Woolley

Chef Bryan Woolley, American celebrity chef and television personality, is joining the culinary faculty at Park City Culinary Institute as Recreational Class Director at their Salt Lake City Campus. With a lifelong mission to empower home chefs by teaching them how to use fresh ingredients for a more nutritious and diverse culinary spectrum, he is excited to teach culinary techniques and tips for kitchen success to a whole new audience. Classes are listed below and run the gamut from Asian BBQ to classic French onion soup and the perfect roasted chicken. Most classes cost just $65-$75 dollars to attend including wine pairings, with non-alcoholic beverage options available.

“We are excited to welcome Chef Bryan to our culinary family of world-class educators,” says Laurie Moldawer, founder and director of the Park City Culinary Institute. “We take pride in creating memorable experiences, with quality food. Chef Bryan is one of the most engaging chefs in the West and brings a unique talent to our team.”

Salt Lake City Classes include:

 *   Classic French Onion Soup with Rye Beer
 *   Free-Form Pies with Apple Pear Martinis
 *   Herbed Focaccia and Cioppino with Sangiovese Wine
 *   Asian BBQ with Plum Wine
 *   Fajitas and Tequila
 *   Muffins, Muffins and Muffins with Irish Coffee
 *   Freshly made herb-infused Pasta with Ragout and Chianti
 *   Caramel Popcorns and Warm Bourbon Apple Cider
 *   Herb Roasted Chicken and Prosecco
 *   White Wine Poached Salmon, Grilled Vegetables and Banana Soufflés
 *   Skillet Chicken Enchiladas and Merlot
 *   Peppered London Broil with Herbed Butter and Cabernet Sauvignon Reduction
 *   Garlic Truffle Burgers and Fries with Corona Beer
 *   Herbed Gnocchi tossed in a Vodka Tomato Sauce with Vodka Lime Sodas
 *   Fresh Lemon Bars with Lemon Drop Martinis
 *   Chili and Cinnamon Rolls with Malbec
 *   Fresh Mozzarella Cheese with an Italian Pizzas with a Spritz Veneziano Cocktail
 *   Brazilian Pão de Queijo and Galinhada with Caipirinhas
 *   Steak House and Merlot

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