SLC White Party 2020
SLC White Party 2020

The Utah Arts Alliance presents the SLC WHITE PARTY, the longest running WHITE PARTY in Salt Lake City, now in their 20th year. This event is perfect for all who wish to experience a magical night of art, music, performance and joy. The SLC WHITE PARTY is for all to enjoy regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or ability.  What is a White Party you may ask? White Parties were started in the 1970’s as large dance events closely associated with LGBT culture and are themed parties where the clothing is all or almost entirely white. 

This year’s theme is ROARING 20’s: a double theme! With “Roaring,” think all things wild: Lions, Tigers, and Bears and Peacocks and Honey Badgers etc. With “20’s,” let yourself get lost in the glitz and glamour of a wild and elegant 1920’s soiree where guests will be mesmerized by a touch of that Great Gatsby magic (or in this case the Great CATSBY).  The SLC WHITE PARTY requires special dress! Everything whimsy, fantasy, and from a place of imagination. Break out those white tuxedos and white ball gowns because you can’t get too fancy for the SLC WHITE PARTY. Costumes that are creative and fun are always welcome at this event! 

The Utah Arts Alliance is a uniquely dynamic organization. There is nothing quite like it in Utah, or abroad. 

The Mission of the UAA is to foster the arts in ALL forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community. 

 All proceeds benefit the programs of the Utah Arts Alliance.

“Always a magical experience! Every year is unique and it only continues to get better and better! Chock full of amazing artists, creators, music, and performance! The annual SLC White Party is an event not to be missed!”