Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Chefpanzee Launches Food Delivery App For Local Chefs with Authentic Cuisines

Chefpanzee app
Chefpanzee app

Chefpanzee LLC, a food delivery service that connects foodies in Salt Lake City with talented local chefs, announced the launch of their Android and iOS Apps. Chefpanzee started its business in Salt Lake City one year ago, featuring a new local chef on their website every week that customers could order food delivery from. Now, the company’s new app will enable customers to order food delivery from a variety of chefs every day, specializing in a range of genres like Cuban, Afghan, Haitian, Indian, Pueto Rican, Senegalese, Indonesian, Argentinian, Kenyan, Chilean, Japanese cuisine and more.

Chefpanzee’s app strives to make authentic, global cuisine more accessible to the residents of Salt Lake City, while giving up-and-coming chefs a platform to build their brand.

“When we talk to fellow Utah residents, we always hear the same thing: Salt Lake City is the perfect place to live– except for the food scene,” explains Chefpanzee Co-founder Indu Sudhakar. “But the reality is, there are hundreds of mom-and-pop restaurants, food trucks and caterers in Salt Lake City who serve better global food than we’ve had in cities ​known​ for their cuisine– they are just flying under the radar. We want to shine a spotlight on the chefs who cook these meals.”

Chefpanzee’s app will not only feature the chef’s name, picture and bio on their app, but customers will also be able to live chat directly with the chef if they have questions, concerns or just want to share a compliment after they’ve enjoyed their meal.

“Too often, the chef cooking a great meal is stuck in the back of a kitchen working,” explains Chefpanzee Co-Founder Caleb Askins. “We want to put them front-and-center and give them the recognition they deserve for their work.”

To ensure that the cuisine Chefpanzee delivers remains both authentic and of high quality, the company has assembled a “Tasting Panel” consisting of customers, influencers and business members who will be able to pre-taste certain cuisines and provide active feedback as Chefpanzee onboards new chefs. This is an industry first in the food delivery space.

“We don’t want to be like other food delivery services. We don’t want chains or fast food restaurants on Chefpanzee. We don’t want global cuisine that has been ‘westernized’ to fit an American palate,” Askins explains. “We want chefs who can bring the authentic flavors of their home countries and states to Salt Lake City. By having a Tasting Panel, we can ensure that we don’t dilute the quality of the food we offer as we grow.”

Get to know the Tasting Panel and learn more about Chefpanzee at

To place an order, download Chefpanzee’s food delivery app on the ​Apple App Store and ​Google Play Store​. You can also place an order online by visiting the web app at

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