Utah ranked as second least expensive state for utilities nationwide

MOVE Average Utilities Cost map

In a report released by Move.org today, Utah was listed as the second cheapest state in the United States for utility bills. The top three most affordable states include:

1. New Mexico: $344.55

Utility bills in New Mexico are the cheapest in the nation, so you wouldn’t need to pull a Walter White (à la Breaking Bad) to afford living there. While residents of many states have slightly lower gas bills, none have electricity bills that can rival New Mexico’s for affordability.

2. Utah: $345.03

Utah’s average utility bills take a close second to New Mexico’s, trailing by a mere $1.52. Keep in mind that Utah does experience regular droughts, so sometimes water bills in the state may occasionally climb higher than the national average.33

3. Colorado: $348.43

Colorado lies directly east of Utah, and the two states are pretty similar in terms of topography, elevation, and climate. All things considered, it’s not surprising that the average Coloradan’s utility bills are within a few dollars of the average Utahn’s.

See the full report including the most expensive states here:

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